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TED talk: Depression

This TED talk on Depression is time well spent.

Depression, the secret we share


Neck, shoulders, and hips.
Today i focused on good 

Begin again

Didn’t run last week
Debilitating head cold
Start over, again.


First long run in a month! Gearing up for my first official half-marathon in two weeks. Today felt like the first time all over again. My right leg performed well. I kept near 10 min/mi pace and concentrated on form. Oh, i saw a bald eagle, which is always nice, and i saw a large fluffy owl! Very nice.

Rain run

I aimed to keep my pace between 9:30-10:00 min/mile. That does two things: 1) keeps me from burning too much energy too quickly which leads to suffering. 2) a steady pace is like a control subject wherein i can concentrate on biomechanics, specifically my right leg. Today i focused on leaning fwd a little and picking up my knees a bit higher than low. This gives my step-cycle a more even and deliberate structure.

Meet the new boss

Good run. Still nursing my right leg a bit but i feel it is on the mend. Wore bew shoes today. Same style, just new. I’m thinking i might opt for a shoe w more padding for longer runs. Just marinating on that idea for now.


It is hot outside. Like seventy degrees! Whew. I charged for about three miles then changed to survival mode and puttered along to the end.

Yesterday and today our temps reach into the 80s. The days before and after, in the 50s. I felt the heat. Sapped. Drained. It’s neat to think i’ll acclimatize and perform confortably in hotter weather than this.

May is half-marathon month

I’ve signed up for a half-marathon at the end of this month. That’s 13.1 miles. I’ve run that distance three times this year and after each one I’ve experienced complications: a rash, a kidney stone, and an ankle strain. I’m approaching this next h-m with caution and respect. And voodoo.

Good run today. That was me pushing it. I sometimes have a lot of juice after a few days rest. After the first three miles tho i waned and switched into patience-mode, focus on the breath, don’t stop, just rest a while at a more gentle pace. 

My right leg is healing tho it may never be 100% again, so i will be patient and persistent. 

April complete

Third run in two weeks. Far from my 3 x weekly goal. I’ve been nursing my right ankle. Strong first half of month helped me reach my highest monthly miles yet!

April – 102 miles
Mar – 100 mi
Feb – 93 mi
Jan – 69 mi
2017 total miles – 365 miles

Back on the streets again

First run after a week off. I had developed tightness in my right ankle and calf, so i paused, walked, took it easy, and now i’m back. This was a cautious run, at first. Then i hit my stride. I am grateful to be healthy enough to run.