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My blood-béchamel content levels are way too high. Slow and difficult run.

Happy Feet

Haiku? Not today.
Running too fast to think straight.
I broke all records!

Shout out to uncle Dan Weintraub who’s running the Boston Marathon on Monday!

Today i broke all my records:
1 mile: 8:22
5k: 27:11
10k: 55:11
Half-marathon: 2:01:52
Longest run: 15 miles

Long Long Short

Kept it short today, because 3 ten-mile days in a row seems hazardous. My weekly goal is fifteen miles. I’ve cleared that. I’m on track to crest 100 miles this month. And possibly 1000 miles for the year.

Body scan

I don’t get songs stuck in my head. Not when i run. I focus on breathing, the placement of my feet, especially my right foot, which has a tendency to flare out behind me and to the side then return at an angle. Sometimes i notice i’m arching my back, then i focus on my core and recreate a sustainable posture. I cycle through body scans and space out and return to my breath. That entertains me plenty.


Must concentrate on posture, holding body together properly, core, lift the legs. Good run but harder than it should be. I’m still a bit stiff from shoveling on Sunday.

Saturday explorer

New route. Shorter than expected and i didn’t feel like doubling back for more mileage. A few steep hills. I can go up hills fine, but a steep descent is tough on my knees. Elevation is not bad but i’m not great with a steep gradient. Not sure I’ll take that route again. Nice day, though. Blustery spring sun mixed with rain. Blue skies, pewter clouds.

Mad dash

New records today:
Mile 8:27
5k 27:39
10k 56:12


10k short run. 

Speed training

Focus on the breath.
Keep right leg in alignment.
Focus on the breath.

Broke three personal records today.
Fastest mile 8:30; 5k 28:10; 10k 57:31.

No Fooling

Srping time is a dream. Hope comes easy, and patience is hardly thought of.

With three months complete, here are some stats. Reminder: I took nine days off in March for the kidney stone affair.

  • March – 100 miles
  • February – 93 miles
  • January – 69 miles

In March I ran 2 half-marathons, no runs less than 5 mile, and most runs above 7 mile.