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Summer schedule

Animals seen on run: Duckling, chipmunk, snake, bunny, fawn.

First run in two weeks.
I kept it slow, kept it safe.
A lovely morning.

Early morning run

This is an early morning run. Not long after waking up. I didn’t want to push it and injure myself by hustling before my coordination had come awake. About halfway through the run I started feeling the need to make poopie. That also caused me to run slow and cautiously. It all worked out and i made it home safely. 


Not my fastest (April 15) but still fast. Under 9:30 is a fast overall pace for me. Feel good.

Easy Ten Mile

A wonderful well-paced easy ten mile run. At the end, I wasn’t dying. I felt great. Why is that? I kept a moderate pace, a little slower than usual. I held my posture throughout, carefully placed my right foot, kept my chin in, neck straight, hips tipped.

The hips: when you transition from standing to sitting, in that first muscular action you feel strength in the upper thigh front where thigh ropes into pelvis. I used that group. The almost-sitting upper thigh muscle.

When placing my feet, my left always seems to know what to do. I say that because it gives me no trouble. I’m trying to train my right foot to do what my left does. So i have to pay attention to what my left is doing and land my right accordingly. Today i succeeded in that. I try to land on a line from heal to big toe, with big toe pointing just a few degrees out from center. Hmm, tough to describe, but i’m still learning.

Point is: good run. At last.

Arabel’s Fifth Birthday

It’s Saturday and it’s your 5th birthday and you’ve been up all night vomiting and your parents cancel your party. ❤️

Hustle and ache

Sloppy form today and i can feel it now. Tried going fast, spent a little time in the sub-8:00 category, for like 1/2 a mile. I was too zealous at the start, tho. Didn’t warm up properly, i reckon. Stretch and take a few days to heal.

All under ten

Posture posture posture posture posture!
Elongate the neck. Tuck in the chin. Relax the shoulders. Tilt the hips. Pick up those thighs. Short strides land flat. Also i saw a bunny.

Today’s run and some stats

Today’s run and some stats. My right leg is feeling stronger though i’m still a bit limpy. Maintaining erect posture (yeah, i know) is key to my biomechanics. 

     Lately, I pop two ibuprofen w breakfast. Right before and after my run i use a cbd extract topical salve. I apply the salve to my right ankle and shin. It works like a topical ibuprofen. I was totes skeptical about it but it does reduce pain and inflammation immediately (w/in about 5 minutes.) I stretch when i wake up and throughout the day and before bed. Drink lots of water, about 3-4 liters daily. That’s about it for self-care.

     If i run 82 miles each month for the remainder of the year, then i’ll break 1000 miles for 2017.

     One model of how this might work looks like this: run 6 miles twice a week plus a 10 mile weekend run. That’s 22 miles a week, times four weeks is 88 miles a month, nominal.

     That is not my plan, but it helps to put those values in context.

Total miles 2017 = 431
May: 59 
April: 102
March: 100
February: 93
January: 69

Official Half-Marathon

This was my first official half-marathon. I focused on maintaining a consistent pace range between 9:30-10:00 min/mile. The day was beautiful but a little hot, hottest running temperature of the year for me. My form and composure weakened over the last three miles but i was aware of it and able to stay safe. It was a good run and i feel healthier and less ached & pained than after any previous run of this distance. Yay! Finally an official Half in the books.

TED talk: Emotional First Aid

I’m also posting this TED talk:

Why we all need to practice emotional first aid