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Pro Human

While it is true that I do not believe in Theism, I do not consider myself an atheist. I especially do not consider myself aligned with a social group or political party that labels itself atheist. There are many things I don’t believe in, and I don’t label myself by those non-beliefs. There are plenty of things I do believe in, too. 

For example, I believe that all the ideas documented in all of the religious texts were all created by human beings who are, at best, trying to understand the universe and our place in it. We have come up with some really good ideas. I would like to see credit go to Humanity for considering so deeply our relationship to one another, our world, the cosmos. 

I do not think a child is a fool for believing in fairy tales. And I do not think ancient humans are fools for having believed in myths. Theism is a mythology. It represents Humanity’s attempts to understand the natural world. Mythologies are part of how we learn. But Myths were not given to us, we created them. All that Humanity knows was discovered by Humanity. And I believe it is important to accept that. I believe we are pretty cool animals. 

So, do I believe in a god? No, obviously I don’t. Do I believe the Religious Community can do good work? Of course I do. Because I believe in people. 

The Theism framework has helped humanity create many good philosophies, but Theism is not required for the practice of good works. Theism can be a good tool, but it prevents humans from really understanding themselves.