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Easy Ten Mile

A wonderful well-paced easy ten mile run. At the end, I wasn’t dying. I felt great. Why is that? I kept a moderate pace, a little slower than usual. I held my posture throughout, carefully placed my right foot, kept my chin in, neck straight, hips tipped.

The hips: when you transition from standing to sitting, in that first muscular action you feel strength in the upper thigh front where thigh ropes into pelvis. I used that group. The almost-sitting upper thigh muscle.

When placing my feet, my left always seems to know what to do. I say that because it gives me no trouble. I’m trying to train my right foot to do what my left does. So i have to pay attention to what my left is doing and land my right accordingly. Today i succeeded in that. I try to land on a line from heal to big toe, with big toe pointing just a few degrees out from center. Hmm, tough to describe, but i’m still learning.

Point is: good run. At last.