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Today’s run and some stats

Today’s run and some stats. My right leg is feeling stronger though i’m still a bit limpy. Maintaining erect posture (yeah, i know) is key to my biomechanics. 

     Lately, I pop two ibuprofen w breakfast. Right before and after my run i use a cbd extract topical salve. I apply the salve to my right ankle and shin. It works like a topical ibuprofen. I was totes skeptical about it but it does reduce pain and inflammation immediately (w/in about 5 minutes.) I stretch when i wake up and throughout the day and before bed. Drink lots of water, about 3-4 liters daily. That’s about it for self-care.

     If i run 82 miles each month for the remainder of the year, then i’ll break 1000 miles for 2017.

     One model of how this might work looks like this: run 6 miles twice a week plus a 10 mile weekend run. That’s 22 miles a week, times four weeks is 88 miles a month, nominal.

     That is not my plan, but it helps to put those values in context.

Total miles 2017 = 431
May: 59 
April: 102
March: 100
February: 93
January: 69